The Eden Project, Cornwall.

Here in Cornwall we have lots of beautiful places to visit, some free and some that cost. Luckily a lot of the priced places do a pass for locals. You pay one payment and can visit the attraction as many times as you like for the year. We thought we’d get locals passes for The Eden Project. We paid £20.00 per adult, £11.50 for a child and under 5’s are free. All year round they have different events on and it’s lovely to visit throughout the different seasons.


The Eden Project has two large Biome domes. One is a rainforest. And the other is a Mediterranean setting. Both beautiful in their own way.


The Rainforest is very hot so I suggest taking coats off before entering and leaving with staff at the coat rack. There is a beautiful waterfall in the steamy jungle and bananas, cashews and coffee growing. We especially liked seeing the bananas growing.


The Mediterranean Biome is cooler and you feel like you’re on holiday following the path. There’s story telling, wild vines, age old olives and the citrus grove.


On this occasion we saw the ‘Light Festival’. In the Mediterranean dome music and lights shon above. It was very calming and relaxing. We brought a hot chocolate and sat watching from the restaurant inside. My 5 month old baby loved looking at the lights, my 6 year old did get bored after a while as it was repetitive.


Theres a stage which changes with each season. From Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween little monsters party to Eden Sessions (Live music events). It was ice skating on this occasion. Probably best to pre book as it was busy and seemed to be very popular. Father Christmas was also there. We have been to visit him there a few years ago and I highly recommend it it’s a brilliant experience. They also have relaxed sessions which I think is brilliant.

Eden has lots of cafes and restaurants serving fair trade, direct-sourced and organic foods. I have eaten from a few of the kitchens from soup to a chocolate brownie to burger to a pasta dish i throughly enjoyed each and every meal.

The Core reminds me of a hedgehog with its spikey glass roof. In the busy sessions there’s a cafe but also home to exhibitions, art and school programmes. One large wall has fridge doors with letter magnets which is fun to write your name or a sentence. There’s also a small play area for young ones.

Edens outdoor gardens are beautiful to walk around with lots of hidden treasures. I think a lot of people focus on seeing the Biomes and forget or don’t realise there is lots of outside space to explore.


There’s also a Sky wire and Giant swing I’m not sure on the price but know someone who’s been on the swing and said it was great fun.

On the way out you walk through the gift shop which we love. We like to see all the recycled materials used to make gifts. We have brought a few of the instruments, the duck whistle is my favourite.

We really like The Eden Project especially on sunny days as we love the gardens surrounding the Biomes. With our locals passes we are likely to visit each season to see the new exibits. We’ve visited lots in the past seeing CBeebies Stars, Dinosaurs and Santa and cannot wait to make lots of new memories there.


All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: seasidelivingwithaturtleandunicorn

Our interests are making, creating, cooking and baking. We love woodland walks and days on the beach. We have a keen interest for wildlife especially birds and sea life. I'll introduce us, my name is Mia, originally from Birmingham but moved to Cornwall in 2014. I'm in the healthcare profession, and also fully qualified in hair, beauty and nails. I'm a home bird, and love spending time with my family. I enjoy crafting, scrap booking, and creating memory box frames. I also love to cook and bake, trying out new recipes. I especially like Italian food or anything with garlic! Yum. My favourite colour is blue and I love dragonflies. I love Disney films especially Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. (Me and my partner compare ourselves to Beauty and the Beast and also Lady and the Tramp... haha we do love each other really!) ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 My sons name is Kane, he loves the ninja turtles, swimming, bike rides, bowling, baking, kinder eggs and collecting blind bags. His dislikes are many foods such as crisps and vegetables (anything with a colour to it really, very fussy eater) He was born in Birmingham in March 2011. 💙🐢 My daughters name is Esmé, she is a tiny baby born in Cornwall in July 2017. Her interests so far are milk, and her light up neighing unicorn. Her dislikes are being woken up and baths. 💜🦄

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