The perfect Hot Chocolate

Every year when the weather starts to get colder I crave Hot Chocolate. I buy what’s on offer at the time usually Cadburys or Galaxy. Using the same brand can get boring after a while so I decided to go and try some luxury ones and the usual brands I use to find the best hot chocolate yum yum!

The first place I tried was the home of Chocolate… Thorntons. I visited the Thorntons Cafe in Truro. A small cafe which had lots of lovely treats to choose from. I had a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, which came with little chocolates on a miniature side plate. It cost £2.95. I sat in the corner to try not to get in anyone’s way with my pram. It took up nearly all of the space between two tables so I tried not to block the walkway.


This was by far the most chocolatey hot chocolate id ever tasted. Very sweet and thick. Perfect after walking around the shops on a cold day. The only thing I didn’t like was that they put marshmallows in the hot chocolate before the whipped cream, so after the cream had gone I swallowed a big gooey chunk of marshmallow. (Some people may like that).

The next place I went to was Costa. I went to Cornwall Services, Roche off the A30, where I ordered a Lindt Hot Chocolate with whipped cream from the Christmas selection for £3.35. It’s lovely in there, lots of seating, very spacious and has lots of natural light coming through the big windows. Perfect place to stop for a break whilst travelling or to meet with friends.


It tasted lovely, nice and chocolatey but I couldn’t define the taste of Lindt. I enjoyed it and have been back for another! Cornwall Services has a children’s soft play area and big climbing area called ‘Indoor Active’. Perfect place to let your children play and let off some steam.

I then went to Starbucks. Just off he A30,  Fraddon where I ordered a Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate for £3.35. Its quite dark inside, with lots of seating but the tables are quite close together so I sat at bar next to the servers as I didn’t want to try and weave through tables with my pram whilst holding a hot drink and a plate with a cookie on.


I enjoyed the hot chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet it was just right. I’ve been back again as I enjoyed it very much. Plus it’s next door to ‘Next’ so perfect to pop in after shopping.

The next place I went was to my local supermarket and brought some Hot Chocolate Sachets. You add these to 200ml of hot water. I brought Cadburys and Galaxy 32p each or 4 for £1.


Both tasted equally as nice, the Galaxy one was smoother and sweeter but I personally preferred the Cadburys one which tasted more chocolatey.

I’ve heard of chocolate stirrers that you stir into hot milk, and found some in Lidl £1.29 for a two pack.


These were nice but the chocolate tasted a bit basic. This gave me an idea to make my own Lindt Hot Chocolate using hot milk and three Lindt chocolate balls.


Now this one tasted absolutely amazing! Perfect as I could taste and add more chocolate if needed. This got me thinking further about what else I could try and thought I’d try Terry’s chocolate orange.

This one reminded me of Christmas as I always get a chocolate orange from my dad. It tasted lovely and I even had a couple of pieces of the chocolate to dip in yum yum.

So I’ve decided if I’m making a Hot Chocolate at home I’m going to use hot milk and add chocolate. Then I can use whatever is in the cupboard or whatever i fancy that day. Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Lindt, Thorntons, Nestle, Terry’s chocolate orange, Nutella and the list goes on. You can use any bar or your choice to make the flavour you desire.

Whats your favourite Hot Chocolate?

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: seasidelivingwithaturtleandunicorn

Our interests are making, creating, cooking and baking. We love woodland walks and days on the beach. We have a keen interest for wildlife especially birds and sea life. I'll introduce us, my name is Mia, originally from Birmingham but moved to Cornwall in 2014. I'm in the healthcare profession, and also fully qualified in hair, beauty and nails. I'm a home bird, and love spending time with my family. I enjoy crafting, scrap booking, and creating memory box frames. I also love to cook and bake, trying out new recipes. I especially like Italian food or anything with garlic! Yum. My favourite colour is blue and I love dragonflies. I love Disney films especially Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. (Me and my partner compare ourselves to Beauty and the Beast and also Lady and the Tramp... haha we do love each other really!) ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 My sons name is Kane, he loves the ninja turtles, swimming, bike rides, bowling, baking, kinder eggs and collecting blind bags. His dislikes are many foods such as crisps and vegetables (anything with a colour to it really, very fussy eater) He was born in Birmingham in March 2011. 💙🐢 My daughters name is Esmé, she is a tiny baby born in Cornwall in July 2017. Her interests so far are milk, and her light up neighing unicorn. Her dislikes are being woken up and baths. 💜🦄

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