Parrots, Parrots, Parrots

So I need to admit something… I have fads and obsessions for things. I see something I like then buy everything I see in the theme/style. My new one is parrots. You could say it’s because I’m ‘chirpy’ and like to ‘tweet’. Not funny? Ok the truth is my all time favourite film is Mary Poppins. When I was little I even had a little brown carpet bag that I stored my blue sweets and blu tack in. (Yes I know, another obsession). I used to pretend it was magic like hers and would pretend to pull lots of things out of it. I always wanted the parrot umbrella, little did I know that one day I’d get one.

This day a year ago, 24th August I surprised my sister to theatre tickets to go and see Mary Poppins at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. As you can imagine I was very excited and somehow managed to keep it a secret right up until a few hours before the performance when I gave her the tickets. We both used to watch the film together on repeat, I suppose just like the little girls nowadays watch and sing along to Frozen. The show was absolutely amazing! It’s a must see performance. I’m hoping they come back to Plymouth as I will definitely book tickets and watch it again. I highly recommend it.


The merchandise sold at the shows were amazing aswell. I brought a programme, bag and a large parrot umbrella! Yes a parrot umbrella! I wanted the snow globe and Bert the bear but didn’t have enough money on me at the time.

My sister brought me a soft Mary Poppins toy doll for Christmas from Disney Store. She’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


These were the only parrot things I had until I went shopping in The Range. I went to look for craft things but got sidetracked looking at duvet sets. I came across a white duvet cover with brought colourful flowers, leaves and parrots all over. I thought to myself how it wouldn’t match my room but wanted it anyway. I have considered redecorating but I can’t do that every time I see a new bedding set or get a new fad can I.

Sorry about the creases it’s been slept in. ‘Tweet’ ‘twoo’ looks pretty don’t you think? Still not funny? booo ok.

My second purchase was from Asda. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I fell in love. My house is mainly duck egg blue, the kitchen, living room and bathroom were… Until now.

How amazing does this look? ‘Everybirdy’ needs a change now and again, it gets abit boring if you don’t ‘branch’ out once in a while. I think it looks ‘flamazing’. Haha ok i’ll stop the rubbish bird jokes.

I love the blue budgies. Reminds me of a blue budgie named Joey I had as a toddler, well I don’t remember it exactly but have seen photos of him so I picture him when I see budgies. He lived in a lilac/grey oval shaped cage hanging from the ceiling. I love seeing old photographs and being able to look back on memories you would never be able to remember.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: seasidelivingwithaturtleandunicorn

Our interests are making, creating, cooking and baking. We love woodland walks and days on the beach. We have a keen interest for wildlife especially birds and sea life. I'll introduce us, my name is Mia, originally from Birmingham but moved to Cornwall in 2014. I'm in the healthcare profession, and also fully qualified in hair, beauty and nails. I'm a home bird, and love spending time with my family. I enjoy crafting, scrap booking, and creating memory box frames. I also love to cook and bake, trying out new recipes. I especially like Italian food or anything with garlic! Yum. My favourite colour is blue and I love dragonflies. I love Disney films especially Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. (Me and my partner compare ourselves to Beauty and the Beast and also Lady and the Tramp... haha we do love each other really!) β€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ My sons name is Kane, he loves the ninja turtles, swimming, bike rides, bowling, baking, kinder eggs and collecting blind bags. His dislikes are many foods such as crisps and vegetables (anything with a colour to it really, very fussy eater) He was born in Birmingham in March 2011. πŸ’™πŸ’ My daughters name is EsmΓ©, she is a tiny baby born in Cornwall in July 2017. Her interests so far are milk, and her light up neighing unicorn. Her dislikes are being woken up and baths. πŸ’œπŸ¦„

3 thoughts on “Parrots, Parrots, Parrots”

  1. I have the same obsession with flamingos! In our last house I went a bit mad, and unfortunately none of the “pink” & “coral” went in my new house BUT I bought spray paint and I have flamingos again lol. Love the umberella btw ☺️

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